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[Rules and General Info]

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Coders Section Rules

1. Obey the general forum rules!
On this section the forum rules apply like on every other section.

2. Tag your threads according to the language used!
Use a the Prefixes to indicate what language you need help with. Examples:, [C++], [MySQL]. The [Help] tag is forbidden in this section, everyone needs help so it's useless.

3. Use descriptive titles Instead of "Need help!!" or "Look please!", explain in short what your title is about. Good titles are for example 'How to extract the title from a remote website' or '[MySQL] Problem with ordering tables by date'.

4. Include enough information Make sure you paste relevant code, indicate what you tried already, etc. If we have to guess what help you want it'll take a lot longer before we can help you!

5. Don't just dump your problem and hope we sort it out for you! Coders section is not a general 'I need something fixed so lets ask you guys to fix it for me' forum! If you have a specific problem, for instance a typecast that's giving you trouble or a regex that's not working correctly, feel free to ask. But do not dump here 50 lines of code with the message 'its not working, fix please', or expect us to write your scripts for you!

6. Do not ask stupid questions! Contrary to popular believe, there are such things as stupid questions. If we feel you could have answered your problem yourself with 5 minutes searching or reading a manual, you will get an infraction!

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